PGF, your trusted partner, is a management consulting firm whose expertise and passion are the keys to your success in the areas of strategy, organizational vitality, leadership and project management.

The PGF team tailors its activities to your reality and adjusts its services to support you in enhancing your organization’s performance and achieving the sustainable results you are looking for.

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How do we stay flexible and dynamic? How do we adapt to what you need? Why is that important for us and YOU?!

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Key Services


Strategic positioning

PGF helps organizations develop, implement and update their strategy, define their position and formulate their strategic plans while maximizing performance and the achievement of objectives.


management and vitality

PGF offers a range of services tailored to clients’ needs to enhance their organization’s operations, management and vitality. These services include performing organizational diagnostics, developing organizational policies and procedures, facilitating dialogue within the organization (including meetings), strengthening internal and external communications, and supporting major organizational change.


Training and leadership

PGF offers its clients leadership and professional development support, which are two key factors to the success of any organization. Strengthening individual and organizational capacities is therefore a core part of the training and leadership services we provide.


PGF supports the development and implementation of major one-off projects as well as the enhancement of organizations’ ongoing project management. The firm also develops tools and training to support organizational project roll-out.