We are privileged to work in a variety of sectors that are near and dear to our hearts. The human relationships we forge over the course of our work strengthens our personal and professional development.

In each sector, we maintain our knowledge of key actors, trends, and the challenges and constraints that are specific within it. Everywhere we go, we cultivate a network of collaborators with sector-leading expertise and knowledge.

Our key areas of focus are: institutional francophone organizations (la Francophonie), education, health, and social services, Inuit Nunangat, the federal government, international clients, and the private sector. Each of these sectors has robust links and synergies between them.

Areas of expertise


La Francophonie is in PGF’s DNA. The team at PGF puts its talents to work to enhance the vitality of Canada’s French-speaking communities and the organizational health of their institutions.

Active in every corner of the country, PGF is privileged to be the partner of choice for many French-speaking communities when it comes to defining their strategic priorities or accompanying their organizations in all their planning, organizational development, capacity building and performance improvement needs.

We are intensively involved at all geographical levels (national, provincial/territorial, regional and local), organizational levels (national organizations, advocacy organizations, front-line service providers, etc.) and sectoral levels (education and learning, health, economic development, culture, youth, seniors, women, immigration, etc.). This enables us to develop unparalleled knowledge of the issues and realities of Canada’s French-speaking communities, the workings of the organizations, and institutions that support them.

Inuit Nunangat

PGF has been active in Inuit Nunangat since 2014. We specialize in leadership and organizational development support and services. 

Our passion, commitment, integrity, and knowledge of Inuit societal values set us apart in our collaboration within Inuit Nunangat and deepens the quality and variety of the services we offer. 

In collaboration with other partners, PGF has managed, developed, and implemented a leadership development and policy capacity-building program for managers, supervisors, and senior executives in the Government of Nunavut for almost ten years, contributing to greater Inuit representation in leadership positions and increased Inuit employment in policy development positions. Participants particularly appreciated the engaging group discussions, the use of relevant resources, the selection of influential and knowledgeable guest speakers, and the focus on cultural competence, Inuit Qaujimajatuqangit and Inuit societal values.

PGF has also delivered teamwork training and supported several government institutions, community organizations and hamlets with compensation and benefits reviews, organizational structure, job description reviews, strategic planning, and other services.


For over 30 years, PGF has been a recognized partner of the education sector, particularly in Ontario. In French-speaking Canada, education is the cornerstone of community development. The challenges are numerous, both in terms of the quality of the educational offering and in terms of organization. School authorities are overburdened with objectives of all kinds, and expectations are relentless.

PGF’s team has advised and supported a full range of players in education, from government departments to colleges and universities, unions, school boards, board associations, educational television, and other stakeholders. PGF has also supported institutions in the post-secondary education system, such as universities and colleges in Canada’s Francophonie, with feasibility studies, strategic plans, business plans and more. PGF works with partners across the education continuum from early childhood to adult education.

Health and Social Services

The health and social services sector is constantly changing. Reorganizations, the search for efficiency and systemic improvements are on the agenda of governments across the country. Many communities consider themselves underserved when it comes to French-language health care and services. Service delivery organizations are turning to diversifying their offer by constantly expanding their range of services: welcoming newcomers, offering housing, legal advice, and so on.

Since 2010, PGF has been active in this sector, with a particular focus on the health of Canada’s Francophone and Acadian communities.  Our core service offerings within this sector include strategic planning, organizational development, study and research, and training for service providers (hospitals, community health centers), governments, equity-seeking groups, French-language health networks, training institutions, and community organizations offering services to populations in primary health care, addiction, mental health, and other areas.


Serving the interests of Canadians, federal organizations are constantly modernizing. They need to be efficient and effective even if they face budgetary constraints, changing government priorities and political pressures. They also have a duty to set an example, particularly in terms of equality, diversity, and inclusion, as well performance and public accountability.

Based in Ottawa, PGF has historically played a key role in organizational development within the federal government. We have worked on profound and structuring changes during the 90s and 2000s. More recently, PGF has conducted organizational analyses in several government departments.

With its extensive knowledge of the mandates and operating mechanisms of federal organizations, PGF offers support tailored to the constraints of the federal government.


The complexity of the issues facing small and medium-sized Canadian businesses is vast. These include product and service positioning, cost-effective service delivery, identifying sources of financing, recruiting, and retaining quality personnel in a highly competitive labor market, entrepreneurial succession, etc.

PGF responds to requests from business owners for support in reviewing their strategies, positioning their services, supporting business development, organizational efficiency, reflecting on governance, as well as developing the skills and leadership of their managers.


Throughout its history, PGF has been active internationally, mainly in Africa. This has included work across the continent in countries like: Algeria, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Ivory Coast, Gabon, Mali, Morocco, Niger, Nigeria, Senegal, Zimbabwe, and more. Thanks to the strong relationships and expertise built up over years, the firm has carried out several mandates with regional organizations and states. PGF has also worked with Global Affairs Canada in Iraq and Israel. 

PGF has carried out major strategic planning mandates, developed and supported the implementation of capacity-building and organizational development programs for a number of national, provincial, and municipal government departments and agencies.

PGF also supports Canadian organizations working in development or international cooperation.