About Us


PGF Consultants is a consulting firm that was founded 25 years ago and an active player in the areas of strategy, organizational vitality, leadership and project management.

Created to help improve organizational and individual performance, PGF provides clients with multidisciplinary teams of experienced professionals whose expertise and passion ensure the success of the projects entrusted to them.We are an Ottawa-based company, with operations spanning Canada and abroad, with a focus on the African continent.

Our Mission

To create added value for organizations striving to make a meaningful contribution to society by supporting them in continually enhancing their performance and achieving sustainable results.

Our Values


Our passion can be seen in the way we tackle the issues at the core of our clients’ organizational challenges. We take great pride in our work and the quality of our close relationships with clients, which is also our ‘raison d’être’.


We spare no effort in helping our clients meet their objectives. Quality client service and delivery excellence are the primary focus of all of our skilled and hard-working employees and professionals.  We adjust to our clients’ unique circumstances and adapt our actions accordingly. No challenge or hurdle is too great; we deal with and adjust to them in our clients’ best interest.


With clients’ interests at the heart of everything we do, our honest and ethical approach is fully consistent with the company’s values.

Our Approach

PGF Consultants has a strong, permanent team of seasoned professionals with shared values and complementary skills. Our staff is fully bilingual and intercultural. We also have a large network of loyal consultants and experts who are all committed to supporting project development and delivery.

Our professionals are assigned to projects based on the specific skillsets required to meet our clients’ needs, and our complementary approach is similar to that of a tactical response team. In keeping with our adaptability, we are always ready to team up with other companies and organizations with complementary competencies if it can improve the effectiveness of our work.

Our work focuses on delivering quality services and products that meet our clients’ specific needs. We adjust to the circumstances of each assignment, using a holistic, multidimensional approach. We see the organization as a group of interconnected networks for which structure, systems, processes and culture are all key components. We also pay particular attention to the level of engagement of the people in each organization we work with.

Over the years, we have built close relationships with our clients, creating truly sustainable partnerships. By working with them every step of the way, we can rapidly gain a fundamental understanding of their realities, issues and needs. This proximity helps us anticipate and react quickly and effectively, if and when circumstances change.

Our work involves the use of new, non-generic, effective and proven tools that are tailored to our clients’ specific needs. By developing customized instruments and continually innovating, we remain at the forefront of industry development and are always looking for best practices.