Geneviève Toupin

Geneviève worked for PGF from 2015 to 2017 and after a brief absence returned to the firm in 2020. She has actively contributed to PGF’s projects in the Inuit Nunangat, notably the Government of Nunavut’s Leadership development program and Policy development program. Both mandates are aimed at increasing Inuit participation in the territory’s government as well as increasing their presence in managerial positions.

Geneviève also participated in other mandates with northern communities, notably in Nunatsiavut, and has actively contributed to the business development in the region. She has also contributed to community consultations and strategic planning in Western Canada’s Francophone communities in both Alberta and Saskatchewan.

In addition to her time at PGF, Geneviève has also been the Indigenous Cultural Safety Coordinator at the Wabano Centre for Aboriginal Health in Ottawa, a facilitator for a literacy program aimed specifically at residential school and intergenerational survivors at Frontier College, as well as the manager at the Aboriginal School of Dance in Winnipeg.

Geneviève holds a bachelor’s degree in international studies and history from York University’s, as well as a college degree in journalism from Collège La Cité.