Anaïs Michella Yameogo

Anaïs Michella has been a member of PGF team  since 2019. As a consultant, she had had the opportunity to contribute to a various projects. Most recently, Anaïs participated in the strategic planning process of several organizations such as: the Economic Development and Employability Network (RDÉE Canada), the Educational Center Les Débrouillards, and the “Association des Collèges et Universités Francophones Canadiennes” (ACUFC).

Other than strategic planning, Anaïs has worked on other mandates mainly affecting the French-language education sector and the Canadian Francophonie. In fact, she supported the Federation of French Canadian Youth (FJCF) in its project to manage a “Support Fund for Community Citizen Schools”, in collaboration with other community organizations and schools working in  francophone minority communities.

She holds a bachelor’s degree in Business administration from Sheffield Hallam University in England, and a Master’s degree in International Management from the University of Quebec in Montreal. Anaïs is fluently quadrilingual: French, English, Spanish and Mooré.

Beyond her interest in international markets development, and empowering african women, Anaïs is the head of several community health associations. In fact, she coordinated the fundraising campaign for the implementation of a public policy targeting people with kidney failure in Burkina Faso.


Client work
  1. Strategic Planning of the Economic Development and Employability Network (RDÉE Canada)
  2. Strategic planning of the Educational Center Les Débrouillards
  3. Strategic Planning of the Association of French Colleges and Universities (ACUFC)
  4. Management of Support Funds at the Citizen Community School of the Federation of French Canadian Youth (FJCF)
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