Success Stories


PGF’s areas of excellence

PGF’s primary expertise is in strategic positioning, organizational management and vitality, leadership development, and project management.These four main niche areas aim to facilitate enhanced organizational and individual performance.We consider ourselves to be a strategic management consulting firm that caters to all sectors. The quality of our work has had a significant impact for clients in a wide range of industries, including transportation, infrastructure, public/private partnerships , medical laboratories, and real property management.

  1. Primary, secondary and post-secondary education
  2. Health
  3. Economic development
  4. Natural resources
  5. Public administration
  6. Community development
  7. The Francophonie


EORLA was created in 2012 through a merger of 16 Medical Laboratories across the Champlain LHINREAD MORE

Craig Ivany
Executive Director, Eastern Ontario Regional Laboratory Association (EORLA)

Bruyère Continuing Care (Bruyère) had the opportunity to work with PGF on the development of READ MORE

Amy Porteous
V-P, Affaires publiques et planification / VP, Public Affairs and Planning Soins continus Bruyère Continuing Care