Founded in 1988, PGF specializes in strategic and operational planning, organizational development, leadership training, and research and evaluation.

PGF was created to improve organizational performances and help individuals within those organizations reach their potential. Its interdisciplinary team brings diverse knowledge, skills, and steadfast professionalism to ensure the success of its mandates. Since its inception, PGF has delivered over a thousand mandates for all levels of government, national and provincial francophone organizations, Inuit organizations, non-profits, private firms, and African regional organizations in addition to Canadian agencies working abroad. 


Helping organizations to reach their full potential and serve their clienteles using structured and participatory processes.


A trusted partner in the long-term success of its clients.

Contributing with goodwill

Inclusion, empathy, and human connection strengthen our relationships and ensure the success of our mandates. We define ourselves through joy and openness.

Engaging boldly

With passion and resolution, we dare to advance ideas and advise our clients to help them achieve their goals and succeed. 

Creating lasting connections

Our priority is to create a unique and personal relationship with each and every one of our clients, partners, and employees. For us, a business relationship is first and foremost a human one.

Franchise ISEOR / SEAM

Since 2019, PGF has worked closely with the Institut de socio-économie des entreprises et des organisations (ISEOR), becoming an official franchise in the Spring of 2022, and through this work building a bridge between Ottawa and Lyon, France. Today, we deploy socio-economic management methods through many robust and successful mandates with our clients and partners.

Founded in 1965 by Henri Savall, ISEOR is a research center within the Lyon 3 University created around the idea that social and economic performance shouldn’t be seen as opposite, but as two sides of the same coin.

Using this methodology in conjunction with ISEOR, PGF helps organizations tackle hidden costs – the economic impact of social performance – by examining areas of improvement throughout six key themes: working conditions, organization of work, communication-coordination-consultation, time management, integrated training, and strategic implementation.

To find areas of improvement, ISEOR has developed participative and structured tools and processes that engage organizational actors at all levels and improve socio-economic performance.

Since 1975, ISEOR’s methods have been tested, developed, and honed through more than 2,400 research-interventions cases carried out in 46 countries (35% public sector, 38% industrial sector, 27% service sector). Drawing from a rich database, ISEOR has demonstrated that hidden costs in organizations average between $10,000 and $50,000 per employee every year. With the right tools and management, it is possible to recover up to 40% of these within a year of a successful intervention.